A recording session view defines the performance data you want Historical Server to gather. A playback session view defines which performance data from a recording session view you want Historical Server to play back.

A view consists of a view name and one or more data items. Each data has a statistic type associated with it. See “Data items and statistic types” for more information.

When you define a recording session, you define one or more views to be included in that recording session. A recording session must have at least one view. For more information about creating recording session views, see hs_create_view.

Appendix D, “Examples of Recording Session Views” contains many sample recording session views.

When you define a playback session, you define which views in the previously defined recording session(s) should be included in the playback session. The playback session view name(s) must be the same as the name(s) used for the recording session(s) views. You can include all data items or a subset of the data items from the recording session view in the corresponding playback view. For more information about creating playback views, see hs_create_playback_view.