Appendix D: Examples of Recording Session Views

The appendix contains examples of valid views for Historical Server. These views also appear in the views file that was installed in the sample/histserver subdirectory under the installation directory.

You may find that some of these views collect exactly the information you need, while others can serve as templates for building the views that you need.

Some of the sample views differ from one another only in the time interval over which the data is accumulated (either duration of the recording session, or just the most recent sample interval). Other views contain similar data items but in different orders. The order in which data items appear in a view is significant because the data is sorted according to the key fields. The first key field that appears in a view’s definition acts as the primary sort key, the second key field is the secondary sort key, and so on.

Do not use the views file directly as input to isql, for the following reasons: