Data items and statistic types

A data item identifies specific information that you want to include in the view. If a data item includes embedded spaces, you must surround the name with quotation marks when you use it. Some sample data items are: Page I/O, Login Name, and CPU Time.

Table A-1 lists all available data items and describes each one.

Each data item has a statistic type associated with it. The statistic type defines the duration of the data item (sample or session) and whether Historical Server performs calculations on the data item.

The statistic types contain embedded spaces. You must surround them with quotation marks when you use them in the Historical Server commands.

Not all statistic types are valid with all of the data items. Table B-3 shows valid statistic types for each data item.

The six statistic types are:

Table B-3 shows valid combinations of data items and statistic types.