Recording sessions

Recording sessions gather Adaptive Server performance data and store it in files for later analysis. Some attributes of a recording session are:

To create a recording session, use a sequence of commands in the Historical Server isql command interface:

When you create a recording session, Historical Server assigns it a session ID. You can list the session IDs of defined recording sessions using the hs_list command. That command can also show the complete recording session definition, including view names and the data items, alarms, and filters in the view.

Historical Server stores these recording session definitions in its control file, which resides in the Historical Server home directory. Therefore, hs_list can see only recording session definitions that were created by Historical Server instances using the same home directory that the current Historical Server is using. See “Configuring multiple instances of Historical Server” for more information on configuring Historical Server home directories.

To examine the data gathered by a recording session, you can: