Header record

The first record in the control file is a header record that contains the following six integer fields:

Following this header record are a number of records of different types that describe all of the recording sessions, past and present, known to Historical Server. These records appear in hierarchical sequential order in the control file, where the hierarchy of record types in top-down order is:

For example, a session that consisted of two views, each with two data items that had one alarm and one filter apiece, would be represented by the following hierarchy of control records, stored in the following order:

    session 1
        view 1
            data item 1
                alarm 1
                filter 1
            data item 2
                alarm 2
                filter 2
        view 2
            data item 3
                alarm 3
                filter 3
            data item 4
                alarm 4
                filter 4

The contents of the various control record types are described in the next sections.