Control file

The hs.ctl control file resides in the Historical Server home directory. The control file maintains information about all recording sessions, past and present, known to Historical Server. See “The Historical Server control file and home directory” for more details about how Historical Server uses the control file.

Use the Historical Server hs_list command to gain access to the information in the Historical Server control file. Do not edit the control file. You might inadvertently corrupt the file.

Regardless of the editor you use, do not open and then save this file. This is true especially if Historical Server is running on Windows NT. Unlike the other files created by Historical Server, the control file is not a standard-format Windows NT text file. Lines of text in the control file are terminated only with new-line characters, rather than the usual carriage-return/newline pairs. Do not try to edit this file because the editing program may corrupt the file by embedding unwanted carriage-return/newline pairs into the text.

The control file contains the following types of records: