Restoring Collections and Text Indexes from Backup

The sp_text_load_index system procedure restores text indexes that have been backed up with the sp_text_dump_database system procedure.

As Database Administrator, perform the following procedures to restore your Verity collections:

  1. Restore your Adaptive Server user database and text_db database. This returns the source tables, metadata, and text_events table to a consistent and predictable state. Follow the procedures described in Chapter 21, “Backing Up and Restoring User Databases,” in the System Administration Guide, to restore user and text_db databases.

  2. Run sp_text_load_index to restore the Verity collection from the most recent index dump. The procedure resets the status of all text_events table entries made since the last index dump to “unprocessed” and notifies the Full-Text Search engine to process those events.


To restore the sample_colors_db database and all of its text indexes:

  1. Restore the text_db database:

    1> use master
    2> go
    1> load database text_db from ’/work2/sybase/textdbbackkup’
    2> go
  2. Restore the sample_colors_db database:

    1> load database sample_colors_db from ’/work2/sybase/colorsbackup’
    2> go
  3. Bring the text_db and sample_colors_db databases online:

    1> online database text_db
    2> online database sample_colors_db
    3> go
  4. Restore the text index:

    1> use sample_colors_db
    2> go
    1> sp_text_load_index
    2> go

For more information, see sp_text_load_index.