Backing Up Verity Collections

The sp_text_dump_database system procedure backs up collections and (optionally) the user and text_db databases. sp_text_dump_database also maintains the text_events table by deleting entries that are no longer needed for recovery. It is available only with the Enhanced Full-Text Search engine.

During a backup, the Full-Text Search engine processes queries, but defers any update requests until the backup is complete. This eliminates the need to shut down and restart the Full-Text Search engine.

Run sp_text_dump_database from the database containing the text indexes you are backing up. Make sure all the required servers are running when issuing the sp_text_dump_database command. sp_text_dump_database unconditionally backs up all indexes of all enhanced text servers. The backup of the text indexes is placed in the directory specified in the backDir configuration parameter. The output of the dump database command is written to the Full-Text Search error log. Sybase recommends dumping the current database and the text_db database at the time the text indexes are backed up. However, this is optional.

For example, to back up the text indexes, the sample_colors_db database to the /work2/sybase/colorsbackup directory, and the text_db database to the /work2/sybase/textdbbackup directory, enter:

sp_text_dump_database @backupdbs = INDEXES_AND_DATABASES, @current_to = "to ’/work2/sybase/colorsbackup’", @textdb_to="to ’/work2/sybase/textdbbackkup’"

NoteIt is important to back up the text_db database whenever text indexes are backed up, since that database contains the metadata for all text indexes.

sp_text_dump_database may fail on Solaris if the required file size is greater than 2GB.

For more information, see sp_text_dump_database.