Setting Case Sensitivity

By default, the Full-Text Search engine is case sensitive. This means you must enter identifiers in the same case or they are not recognized. For example, if you have a table named blurbs (lowercase), you cannot issue an sp_create_text_index command that specifies the table name BLURBS. You must issue a command that uses the same case for the table name argument:

sp_create_text_index "KRAZYKAT", "i_blurbs", "blurbs", "", "copy"

With Enhanced Full-Text Search engine, use the nocase parameter to set the case sensitivity of the Full-Text Search engine. 0 indicates case sensitive; 1 indicates case insensitive. Set the nocase parameter to the sort order case sensitivity in Adaptive Server.

For example:

sp_text_configure KRAZYKAT, ’nocase’, ’1’

changes the KRAZYKAT server to case insensitive.

NoteThe nocase parameter does not affect the case sensitivity of the Verity query. For information on Verity case sensitivity, see “Considerations When Using Verity Operators”.