Backup and Recovery for the Enhanced Full-Text Search Engine

Backup and recovery for the Enhanced Full-Text Search Specialty Data Store is automated with the sp_text_dump_database and sp_text_load_index system procedures. These system procedures provide a seamless interface for maintaining data and text index integrity.

The Adaptive Server user database and the Verity collections are physically separate. Backing up your user database does not back up the Verity collections, and restoring your database from a backup does not restore your Verity collections. The backup and recovery procedures described in Chapter 21, “Backing Up and Restoring User Databases,” of the System Administration Guide apply only to the user database and the text_db database in Adaptive Server.

Follow the recommended schedule for backing up your databases, as described in Chapter 20, “Developing a Backup and Recovery Plan,” of the System Administration Guide. Sybase recommends that when you back up a user database with text indexes, you also back up:

A regular backup schedule ensures the integrity of the text indexes, the Adaptive Server data, and the text_events table, all of which are integral to recovering your text indexes without having to drop and re-create them.