Propagating Changes to the Text Index

When you insert, update, or delete data in your source table, the text indexes are not updated automatically. After you update data, run the sp_refresh_text_index system procedure to log the changes to the text_events table. Then, run the sp_text_notify system procedure to notify the Full-Text Search engine that changes need to be processed. The Full-Text Search engine then connects to Adaptive Server, reads the entries in the text_events table, determines which indexes, tables, and rows are affected, and updates the appropriate collections.

See sp_refresh_text_index and sp_text_notify for more information on these system procedures.

To have sp_refresh_text_index run automatically after each insert, update, or delete, you can create triggers on your source tables, as follows:

Triggers are not fired when you use writetext to update a text column. To have sp_refresh_text_index automatically run after a writetext:

For examples of each of these triggers, see the sample script sample_text_main.sql in the $SYBASE/$SYBASE_FTS/sample/scripts directory.