Creating the Runserver File

The runserver file contains start-up commands for the Full-Text Search engine. The runserver file can include the flags shown in Table 6-1

Table 6-1: Definition of flags in the runserver file




Specifies the name of the Full-Text Search engine and is used to locate the configuration file and the network connection information in the interfaces file.


Causes the Full-Text Search engine to write start-up messages to standard error.


Specifies the path to the error log file.


Specifies the path to the interfaces file.

A sample runserver file is copied to the $SYBASE/$SYBASE_FTS/install directory during installation. Make a copy of this file, renaming it RUN_server_name, where server_name is the name of the Full-Text Search engine. You must include the correct path environment variable for your platform in the runserver file. Table 6-2 shows the path environment variable to use for each platform.

Table 6-2: Path environment variable for the runserver file


Environment Variable

RS/6000 AIX


Sun Solaris


HP 9000(800)


Digital UNIX


For example, the runserver file on Sun Solaris for a Full-Text Search engine named KRAZYKAT would be RUN_KRAZYKAT and would be similar to:




The start-up command in the runserver file must consist of a single line and cannot include a return. If you have to carry the contents of the file over to a second or third line, include a backslash (\) for a line break.