Unbinds a created default value from a column or from a user-defined datatype.


sp_unbindefault objname [, futureonly]



is the name of either the table and column or the user-defined datatype from which to unbind the default. If the parameter is not of the form “table.column”, then objname is assumed to be a user-defined datatype. When unbinding a default from a user-defined datatype, any columns of that type that have the same default as the user-defined datatype are also unbound. Columns of that type, whose default has already been changed, are unaffected.


prevents existing columns of the specified user-defined datatype from losing their defaults. It is ignored when unbinding a default from a column.


Example 1

Unbinds the default from the startdate column of the employees table:

sp_unbindefault "employees.startdate"

Example 2

Unbinds the default from the user-defined datatype named ssn and all columns of that type:

sp_unbindefault ssn

Example 3

Unbinds defaults from the user-defined datatype ssn, but does not affect existing columns of that type:

sp_unbindefault ssn, futureonly



Only the object owner can execute sp_unbindefault.

See also

Commands create default, drop default

System procedures sp_bindefault, sp_helptext