Adds a dump device to Adaptive Server.


sp_addumpdevice {"tape" | "disk"}, logicalname,
	physicalname [, tapesize]



for tape drives. Enclose tape in quotes.


is for a disk or a file device. Enclose disk in quotes.


is the “logical” dump device name. It must be a valid identifier. Once you add a dump device to sysdevices, you can specify its logical name in the load and dump commands.


is the physical name of the device. You can specify either an absolute path name or a relative path name. During dumps and loads, the Backup Server resolves relative path names by looking in Adaptive Server’s current working directory. Enclose names containing non-alphanumeric characters in quotation marks. For UNIX platforms, specify a non-rewinding tape device name.


is the capacity of the tape dump device, specified in megabytes. OpenVMS systems ignore the tapesize parameter if specified. Other platforms require this parameter for tape devices but ignore it for disk devices. The tapesize should be at least five database pages (each page requires 2048 bytes). Sybase recommends that you specify a capacity that is slightly below the rated capacity for your device.


Example 1

Adds a 40MB tape device. Dump and load commands can reference the device by its physical name, /dev/nrmt8, or its logical name, mytapedump:

sp_addumpdevice "tape", mytapedump, "/dev/nrmt8", 40

Example 2

Adds a disk device named mydiskdump. Specify an absolute or relative path name and a file name:

sp_addumpdevice "disk", mydiskdump, "/dev/rxy1d/dump.dat"



Only a System Administrator can execute sp_addumpdevice.

See also

Commands disk init, dump database, dump transaction, load database, load transaction

System procedures sp_dropdevice, sp_helpdevice