disk unmirror


Suspends disk mirroring initiated with the disk mirror command to allow hardware maintenance or the changing of a hardware device.


disk unmirror 
	name = "device_name" 
	[ ,side = { "primary" | secondary }] 
	[ ,mode = { retain | remove }] 



is the name of the database device that you want to unmirror. The name must be enclosed in single or double quotes.


specifies whether to disable the primary device or the secondary device (the mirror). By default, the secondary device is unmirrored.


determines whether the unmirroring is temporary (retain) or permanent (remove). By default, unmirroring is temporary.

Specify retain when you plan to remirror the database device later in the same configuration. This option mimics what happens when the primary device fails:


Example 1

Suspends software mirroring for the database device user_disk:

disk unmirror 
name = "user_disk"

Example 2

Suspends software mirroring for the database device user_disk on the secondary side:

disk unmirror name = "user_disk", side = secondary

Example 3

Suspends software mirroring for the database device user_disk and removes all device references to the mirror device:

disk unmirror name = "user_disk", mode = remove



SQL92 – Compliance level: Transact-SQL extension.


disk unmirror permission defaults to the System Administrator, and is not transferable. You must be using the master database to use disk unmirror.

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