update statistics


Updates information about the distribution of key values in specified indexes or for specified columns, for all columns in an index or for all columns in a table.


update statistics table_name 
	[ [index_name] | [( column_list ) ] ]
	[using step values]
	[with consumers = consumers ]
update index statistics table_name [index_name] 
	[using step values]
	[with consumers = consumers ]



When used with update statistics, table_name is the name of the table with which the index is associated. table_name is required, since Transact-SQL does not require index names to be unique in a database.


is the name of the index to be updated. If an index name is not specified, the distribution statistics for all the indexes in the specified table are updated.


is a comma-separated list of columns.

using step values

specifies the number of histogram steps. The default value is 20, for columns where no statistics exist. If statistics for a column already exist in sysstatistics, the default value is the current number of steps.

with consumers = consumers

specifies the number of consumer processes to be used for a sort when column_list is provided and parallel query processing is enabled.


specifies that statistics for all columns in an index are to be updated.


Example 1

Generates statistics for the price column of the titles table:

update statistics titles (price) using 40 values

Example 2

Generates statistics for all columns in all indexes of the authors table:

update index statistics authors

Example 3

Generates statistics for all columns in the au_names_ix index of the authors table:

update index statistics authors au_names_ix



SQL92 – Compliance level: Transact-SQL extension.


update statistics permission defaults to the table owner and is not transferable. The command can also be executed by the Database Owner, who can impersonate the table owner by running the setuser command.

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