Adding feature licenses

This section describes how to update the license file to enable Adaptive Server features.

To add features for which you have licenses:

  1. Enable the new feature. See “Starting Adaptive Server with optional features”.

  2. Shut down Adaptive Server. See Chapter 7, “Starting and Stopping Servers.”

  3. Verify that the license manager software is running. See “SySAM administration”.

  4. Log on to the machine where the license manager is installed (license host).

  5. Launch the license manager:

  6. Click Yes when prompted: “Do you have Sybase Software Asset Management Certificates to register?” The SySAM License Manager screen prompts you for:

  7. Click More until you have entered all licenses.

  8. Click Done.

    Because you are adding licenses to an existing configuration, you must notify the license daemons of the changes by issuing a reread command.

  9. Run the license management utility lmutil lmreread from the $SYBASE/$SYSAM/bin/directory.

    $SYBASE/$SYBASE_SYSAM/bin/lmutil lmreread

    The new license is appended to the end of the license.dat file.

    If you encounter problems with new licenses, check the lmgrd.log file in the $SYBASE/$SYBASE_SYSAM/log directory to see that there were properly appended to the license file.