Starting SySAM as an automatic service

To configure SySAM to start automatically when the server is restarted:

  1. Make sure the license.dat file has the correct path for the SYBASE daemon.

  2. Using an account with “root” privileges, log on to the machine where you installed the asset management software.

  3. Use a text editor to create a new file, /etc/rc3.d/S17lmgrd.

  4. Add the following lines to /etc/rc3.d/S17lmgrd:

    SYBASE=<Sybase reldir> 
    /bin/su user_name -c ‘echo starting lmgrd> \
    /bin/nohup /bin/su user_name -c ‘umask 022; \
    $SYBASE_SYSAM/bin/lmgrd -c \
    $SYBASE_SYSAM/licenses/license.dat>> \
    /bin/su user_name -c ‘echo sleep 5>> \
    /bin/sleep 5
    /bin/su user_name -c ‘echo lmdiag >> \
    /bin/su user_name -c
    ‘$SYBASE_SYSAM/bin/lmutil lmdiag -n -c \
    $SYBASE_SYSAM/bin/license.dat>> \
    /bin/su user_name -c ‘echo exiting >> \
  5. Save /etc/rc3.d/S17lmgrd and exit the text editor.

  6. Change the permissions, ownership, and group for /etc/rc3.d/S17lmgrd enter:

    chmod 744 /etc/rc3.d/S17lmgrd
    chown root /etc/rc3.d/S17lmgrd
    chgrp sys /etc/rc3.d/S17lmgrd