Testing the Adaptive Server upgrade

To start Adaptive Server and test the upgrade:

  1. Start Sybase Central by clicking Start | Programs | Sybase | Sybase Central from the Windows task bar.

  2. Select the upgraded Adaptive Server. You are prompted to start the server.

    After Adaptive Server starts, the green light appears next to the server name.

  3. When prompted, log in as a System Administrator.

    Your user ID appears in parentheses next to the server name.

  4. Connect to each server listed to verify the installation.

    WARNING! Do not start XP Server from Sybase Central. Adaptive Server starts XP Server automatically when Adaptive Server receives the first request for an extended stored procedure.

  5. To disconnect from each server, select Tools | Disconnect.

  6. Close Sybase Central.

If Adaptive Server fails the test, see Chapter 10, “Troubleshooting.” Before retrying the installation, follow the instructions in “To remove an old server”.