To remove an old server

  1. Stop the server. See Chapter 7, “Starting and Stopping Servers” for more information.

  2. Restart the machine to release any DLLs.

  3. From the Windows Task bar, select Start | Programs | Sybase | Server Config.

  4. The Configure Sybase Server window displays.

    NoteClick Help in any window to read detailed information about uninstallation. Click Contents to view available topics. Click Close or Minimize Help to return to the installation program.

  5. Select the type of Sybase server you want to remove from the icons on the left of the Configure Sybase Servers screen.

  6. Click Remove Adaptive Server. This displays an Existing Servers window.

  7. Select the server you want to remove, and click OK.

  8. Remove the following entries from the Registry key


  9. Restart the computer to reset registry entries.

    NoteThe installation program does not delete shared dynamic link libraries (DLLs), such as libunic.dll, mchelp.dll, and mclib.dll, from the Windows system directory. Remove these files manually.

If you do an overlay install, the installation program does not allow you to create servers that already exist in CurrentControlSet. If you want to use the same name, you must also clear the server names from the Registry and then restart the computer.