Uninstalling Adaptive Server 12.5

To remove an existing Adaptive Server (but not other Sybase products):

  1. For the servers that run as Windows NT services, you must stop the service from the Windows Control Panel, select Start | Setting | Control Panel | Services.

    Select Sybase servers from the Service column, and select Stop.

  2. Shut down, then restart the Windows NT server to release the DLLs being used by Adaptive Server products.

  3. From the Windows task bar, select Start | Programs | Sybase | Uninstall.

    This starts the Studio Installer and launches the Uninstall window.

  4. The Studio Installer prompts: “Do you wish to proceed with uninstall now?”

    Click Yes.

  5. A component selection window appears. Select individual components by clicking the check box to the left of the component, or click Select All to remove all components.

    Click Next.

  6. The Uninstall summary window displays the components selected for removal.

    Click Next.

The Studio Installer begins removing the selected components from the system. A progress indicator notifies you when the components have been successfully removed.

You need to restart to update the system registry.

The Studio Installer removes:

After running the uninstall utility, a message displays stating that you should remove the remaining directories and files. Remove these directories and files after you finish running the utility.