Upgrading the server

To upgrade the server after you have installed the new software:

  1. Click Upgrade Adaptive Server in the Configure Sybase Servers window.

  2. In the Release Path window, enter the old path value in the Path field, for example: C:\sybase. By default, the installation program displays the name of the installation directory specified by the SYBASE environment variable.

  3. If you are upgrading a version earlier than 12.0, leave the line “ASE” blank in the Release Path window. If you are upgrading from version 12.0 to 12.x, enter the path of the old Adaptive Server you are upgrading.

    If you have set the OLDSYBASE environment variable, the upgrade utility automatically provides the path to the old server.

  4. Enter the path to the Open Client/Server Libraries that Adaptive Server 12.0 used. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, leave this field blank.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. In the Existing Servers window, select the Adaptive Server to upgrade and choose Continue.

  7. In the Enter the System Administrator Password window, type the administrator login name and password.

  8. Choose Continue.

  9. If Adaptive Server or SQL Server is not running, the upgrade program starts it for you automatically.

    Before making any changes to the existing Adaptive Server or SQL Server databases, the installer states: You are advised to backup your databases before upgrading. Do you want to proceed with the upgrade?

  10. If you have not backed up the existing databases, choose No in the Upgrade window and use the dump database command to make backup copies.

    If you have made the necessary backups, select Yes. The installer begins the database eligibility test.

    After all pre-upgrade checks are successful, the old server is shutdown and the new Adaptive Server dataserver binary is started on the old master device. sqlupgrade internally runs the upgrade binary to perform the upgrade.

    NoteIf the upgrade was successful, back up all the databases, including the master database, in your upgraded Adaptive Server.

    To check the upgrade, use Windows Notepad to view the log file in the directory: %SYBASE%\%SYBASE_ASE%\upgrade\errorlog.upg.

The upgrade process: