ASE Replicator objects

ASE Replicator objects are metadata entities that define the relationships between primary and replicate databases, and how data is replicated.

ASE Replicator objects include:

ASE Replicator objects are stored in the Distribution Database.

Object hierarchy

Figure 1-4 illustrates the hierarchical relationships between ASE Replicator objects.

Figure 1-4: ASE Replicator object hierarchy

The primary database connection contains publications, which in turn contain primary articles, and those in turn contain fields.

The replicate database connection contains subscriptions, which in turn contain replicate articles, and those in turn contain fields.

Object dependency

There is also dependency between primary and replicate objects. As shown in Figure 1-5, object dependencies are not only hierarchical, but also horizontal between primary and replicate objects at the same level.

On the primary side, all object dependencies are hierarchical, but on the replicate side, object dependencies are both hierarchical (dependent on the next-higher-level replicate object), and horizontal (dependent on the same-level primary object).

Figure 1-5: ASE Replicator object dependency