Setting up a replication system

After you start up and run the ASE Replicator process successfully, you can begin setting up a replication system with ASE Replicator.

NoteBefore you can set up a replication system with ASE Replicator, you must complete all of the procedures in the following sections:

Setting up a replication system with ASE Replicator involves the following tasks:

  1. Create database connections to identify all the primary and replicate databases.

  2. Create publications for primary database connections.

  3. Create primary articles in each publication to identify the tables and stored procedures in each primary database that you want to publish.

  4. Create subscriptions for replicate database connections.

  5. Create replicate articles in each subscription to identify the published articles (primary articles) that you want the replicate database objects (tables and stored procedures) to subscribe to.

  6. Materialize or validate each replicate article to synchronize the replicate database object with the primary database object.

  7. Resume all database connections and subscriptions to start the replication.

All of these tasks, and other ASE Replicator administrative tasks, are described in Chapter 3, “Administering ASE Replicator.”