Chapter 3: Administering ASE Replicator

This chapter describes the tasks and procedures you use to administer the ASE Replicator process and replication system. It also provides a list of ASE Replicator configuration parameters and describes each parameter in detail.

Using Sybase Central

You can accomplish many of the ASE Replicator administration tasks described in this chapter using Sybase Central Java Edition, a graphical user interface (GUI) administration tool that comes with Adaptive Server.

Some of the tasks that you can perform with Sybase Central include:

Sybase Central provides wizards to guide you through ASE Replicator tasks, such as creating primary and replicate database connections, creating publications and subscriptions, and creating primary and replicate articles.

In the Sybase Central window, the ASE Replicator folder appears under the Adaptive Server icon in the left pane. ASE Replicator objects appear as icons in the ASE Replicator folder.

See the online help for more information about using Sybase Central to administer ASE Replicator.

Using a query tool

You can perform all ASE Replicator administration and maintenance tasks with a SQL query tool, such as isql.

To invoke ASE Replicator command procedures, you must log in to the primary Adaptive Server with a user name that has permissions for ASE Replicator. Usually, this is the ASE Replicator system user login that you specified when you set up the ASE Replicator process.

NoteYou can run ASE Replicator command procedures only in the Distribution Database. Therefore, when you log in to Adaptive Server to administer ASE Replicator, you must either open the Distribution Database with the use command, or qualify each ASE Replicator procedure with the Distribution Database name.