Starting ASE Replicator

If the ASE Replicator process is shut down, you must execute a script from the operating system prompt on the Adaptive Server host machine to start ASE Replicator. There are two scripts you can use to start ASE Replicator:

The RUN_my_ASERep script is created by aserep when you set up and initialize the ASE Replicator. See “Running the aserep script the first time” for more information.

You may encounter one of the following minor problems when you start ASE Replicator:

Neither of these problems requires a corrective action.

ASE Replicator listener not started

When you start the ASE Replicator process, it may take a brief period of time for the process to begin listening for incoming commands. If you invoke an ASE Replicator procedure before the process starts listening for commands, Adaptive Server returns a CIS connection error. In that event, all you need to do is wait a few seconds for the ASE Replicator listener to start, then invoke the command again.

There are two ways to determine when the ASE Replicator process is ready to receive commands:

Orphaned connection in CIS cache

CIS caches database connections within a client session, and it does not refresh the cache when a client session ends. When the ASE Replicator process shuts down, the CIS database connections are orphaned because they are associated with a defunct client session.

The first time you invoke an ASE Replicator procedure after stopping and restarting, CIS returns an error and clears the orphaned connection from its cache. All you need to do is invoke the ASE Replicator procedure again. At that time, CIS creates a new connection, and the procedure executes normally.