Running the aserep script the first time

Use aserep to start and initialize ASE Replicator. When you run this script the first time, with a unique set of parameters, it:

The aserep script is provided as a shell script (.sh) for UNIX operating systems and a batch file (.bat) for Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems.

NoteOn UNIX platforms, checks for the $SYBASE environment variable. If the $SYBASE environment variable is not set, assumes it is executing in the $SYBASE/RPL-12_5/bin directory and it sets the $SYBASE variable to ’pwd’/../.. so that it can set the other paths it needs to define.

Command line parameters that you provide the first time you run aserep define the configuration of the ASE Replicator process.

StepsTo run the aserep script the first time

  1. Log in to the operating system on the primary Adaptive Server host.

  2. Make sure that the $SYBASE environment variable is defined.

    If it is not, set the current directory to the Sybase installation directory, and source SYBASE.csh or (UNIX), or execute SYBASE.bat (Windows NT or Windows 2000).

  3. Set the current directory to the $SYBASE/RPL-12_5/bin directory:

    cd $SYBASE/RPL-12_5/bin
  4. Run the aserep script and specify all of the following command line parameters:

After you run the aserep script, the ASE Replicator process starts and displays the Sybase copyright and disclosure statements in the operating system window.

If the process starts successfully, the operating system prompt does not return in that window until you shut down the ASE Replicator process.

If an error message appears shortly after the copyright and disclosure statements, and the operating system prompt returns, then the ASE Replicator process failed to start successfully.

NoteIf the ASE Replicator process does not start successfully after you run the aserep script, verify that: