Chapters in the Migration Guide

This manual is based on SAFE/EM migration methods. SAFE/EM, a methodology for migration developed by Sybase Professional Services, is organized into the following phases:

The chapters in this manual are described in the following table:



Chapter 1, “Introduction and Guide to Resources”

A survey of resources available from Sybase and third-party vendors.

Chapter 2, “Analyze: Documenting Business Requirements”

A series of worksheets for documenting the flow of information in your system and your business requirements.

Chapter 3, “Analyze: Documenting Your Environment”

A series of worksheets for documenting your environment, including hardware and software, for compatibility assessment.

Chapter 4, “Plan: Writing a Plan and Getting Ready to Migrate”

Guidelines for determining the best migration plan for your site.

Chapter 5, “Implement: Making Required Application Changes”

A technical summary T-SQL syntax, query processing, reserved word and system changes that can affect your applications and cause failure and unexpected results.

Chapter 6, “Implement: Making Database Administration Changes”

A technical summary system changes that can require you to make adjustments to your database administration procedures.

Chapter 7, “Test: Ensuring Stability and Performance”

Guidelines for setting up a test environment and writing test suites.