Chapter 5: Implement: Making Required Application Changes

In This Chapter

This chapter and Chapter 6, “Implement: Making Database Administration Changes” divide technical issues into those relevant to application developers and those relevant to database administrators. However, many issues are not exclusive to either of these roles and you should check both chapters whatever your role. This chapter covers those issues that may affect the execution of applications or that might require coding changes.

This chapter does not attempt to cover new features or changes that are not likely to cause surprises. For a comprehensive listing of changes and new features, see What’s New in Adaptive Server Enterprise.

NoteChanging applications and system administration procedures is the most time-consuming part of migration preparation and this guide does not tell you how to make these changes. You must choose a method to do this that suits your needs and resources. For instance, you may wish to develop your own plans and scripts, or you may prefer to contact Sybase Consulting for help. The ASE Migration Resources Web page contains migration TechNotes and white papers, and Sybase Technical Support can help with technical problems such as bugs and error conditions.

Begin reading at the earliest section that includes your current ASE version: