Relating Documentation to Migration Phase

Sybase provides documentation for all stages of the migration process. While this migration guide documents the minimum changes to your system and applications necessary to avoid problems, we recommend that you refer to What’s New in Adaptive Server Enterprise and other Sybase manuals to help you plan the design of your new Adaptive Server system to take advantage of Sybase’s new performance features.

The following table gives general guidelines for relating migration phase to Sybase documentation:


Time period covered

Range of tasks covered

Planning/preparation prior to upgrade

Assessing current system

Planning migration

Making applications compatible

Updating DBA procedures

Planning/preparation prior to upgrade

Finding information needed to avoid upgrade problems, including problem reports, special installation issues, and compatibility issues

Upgrade preparation and implementation

Preparing system to upgrade

Installing software

Performing upgrade tasks

Planning/preparation prior to migration and testing after upgrade

Planning system design for Adaptive Server 12.5

Monitoring and tuning system for increased performance

For additional information about Sybase database products, go to product manuals