NT Registry parameters

When you install Adaptive Server and other Sybase products on your computer, the installation program configures several parameters to help you to manage the login security features while in Integrated or Mixed mode.

This sections describes the following management parameters:

To modify the parameter values, see “Modifying the parameter values”.

Default login

Adaptive Server uses the Default Login parameter to specify the Adaptive Server login name that an authorized user can enter when a network user name does not appear in the syslogins table. Standard mode does not use this value.

When there is no value for Default Login, Adaptive Server denies access to users who do not have a network user name in syslogins.

Default domain

Adaptive Server uses the Default Domain parameter to specify the NT or LAN Manager domain name for matching network user names to Adaptive Server login names.

Because two different domains can define the same network user name for two different users, the following rules apply:


The SetHostName parameter determines whether the host name from the client login record is replaced with the NT network user name for users under integrated security mode.

To modify the SetHostName value, which is located in the following Registry path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sybase\ Server\server_name, you must use the regedt32 utility.

For general information about regedt32, see your NT operating system documentation.

Character mappings

Certain characters that are valid for NT user names are not valid for Adaptive Server login user names. Such characters include the following:

Character mapping lets you determine how these invalid characters can be converted into characters that are valid for Adaptive Server.

For example, the NT user name “t-johns” contains a dash character (-), which is invalid in Adaptive Server. You can map the dash character to a valid “at” sign (@) to make the user name compatible with Adaptive Server, as “t@john”. The mapping stores the dash as an “at” sign, but displays it as a dash.

When you first install Adaptive Server, the installation program maps a few invalid characters to the valid characters that are listed in Table 8-5.

Table 8-5: Default mapping values

Invalid character

Valid mapped character

Domain separator (\)

Underscore (_)

Hyphen (-)

Pound sign (#)

Space ( )

Dollar sign ($)

Modifying the parameter values

To modify the values for the Default Login, Default Domain, and SetHostName parameters, use one of the following utilities:

NoteYou can change the SetHostName value only through reged32.