Administering security services using LAN Manager

Table 8-1 describes a process for using Adaptive Server’s unified login capability with LAN Manager.

WARNING! Adaptive Server must be installed before completing the steps in Table 8-1.

Table 8-1: Process for administering network-based security




1. Set up the configuration files:

  • libtcl.cfg

  • sql.ini

Use a text editor to modify the libtcl.cfg file. Use dsedit to specify security mechanisms in the sql.ini file or a Directory Service.

“Modifying configuration files for a unified login”

2. Make sure the security administrator for LAN Manager has created logins for each user and for the Adaptive Server and Backup Server.

The security administrator for LAN Manager must add names and passwords for users and servers.

“Identifying users and servers to LAN Manager” Windows NT documentation

3. Configure security for the installation.

Use sp_configure to enable the use of security services.

“Configuring Adaptive Server for LAN Manager security”

4. Restart Adaptive Server.

Activates the use security services parameter.

“Initiating the new security services”

5. Add logins to Adaptive Server to support enterprise-wide login.

Use sp_addlogin to add users. Optionally, specify a default secure login with sp_configure.

“Adding logins to support unified login”

6. Connect to the server.

Use isql with the -V option or use Open Client Client-Library to connect to Adaptive Server and specify the security services to use.

Note: If you use the isql utility, you do not have to supply a user name or password.

“Defining the connection to a server for security services” Open Client/Server Configuration Guide for Desktop Platforms “Security Features” topics page in the Open Client Client-Library Reference Manual