Sybmail and extended stored procedures

Adaptive Server uses XP Server, an Open Server application, to execute all of its extended stored procedures (ESPs), including the system ESPs that implement Sybmail.

By default, XP Server configuration uses the System Account (LocalSystem) as its start-up account. However, to use Sybmail, you must configure XP Server to start under a user account.

To configure XP Server for a user account:

  1. Start the Server Config tool.

  2. Complete the initial steps to configure Adaptive Server.

    For instructions, see “Configuring Adaptive Server”.

  3. Click the Configure Default XP Server button in the Configure Adaptive Server Enterprise dialog box.

  4. Click This Account to enable the option, and type a valid NT user account and password for the server. Make sure that the account has the right to log in as a service. See steps a – f.

    If you do not have an existing user account with the right to log in as a service, you can grant a user this right from the NT User Manager.

    1. Open User Manager from the Administrative Tools (Common) menu in the Start menu.

    2. Select the Username to act as the service.

    3. Choose User Rights from the Policies menu.

    4. In the User Rights Policy dialog box, select the Show Advanced User Rights check box.

    5. In the Right drop-down list, select “Log on as a service”, and click OK.

    6. Exit the User Manager.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Click Save in the Configure Adaptive Server Enterprise dialog box.

  7. Click Exit to quit Server Config.