NWLink IPX/SPX format

Before setting up Adaptive Server network support, configure the NWLink IPX/SPX software according to the instructions for your NT operating system. Specify the correct network number (usually 0) and frame type during the configuration.

The frame type is generally mandated by the frame type of a NetWare file server on the network, usually 802.3. If your network does not use a NetWare file server, make sure all client and server computers use the same frame type.

Available NWLink IPX/SPX connection formats

Table 4-1 describes the available connection formats for NWLink IPX/SPX MASTER and QUERY entries.

Table 4-1: Connection information formats for IPX/SPX


Connection information syntax











Keep the following items in mind when working with these formats:

For more information, see “Selecting valid connection formats”.

In Table 4-1, net_number is the network number that you specified during the NWLink IPX/SPX configuration.

To find the network number, open the Windows NT Control Panel and open Network. The current network number is the decimal number in the NWLink Transport entry.

To determine the node_number, enter the net config command at the Windows NT command prompt. For example:

net config workstation
Computer name              \\PIANO
User name                  user1
Workstation active on      NBT_Elnk31 (00A0242EA892)
Software version           Windows NT 4.0
Workstation domain         AMERICAS
Logon domain               AMERICAS
COM Open Timeout (sec)     3600
COM Send Count (byte)      16
COM Send Timeout (msec)    250
The command completed successfully.

In the preceding example:

Selecting valid connection formats

The NWLink IPX/SPX connection formats you use depend on whether you want to access Adaptive Server on a local computer or on a remote, network computer.