How clients connect to Adaptive Server

Client software performs the following steps to connect to Adaptive Server:

  1. Determines the name of the Adaptive Server by finding the value of the DSQUERY environment variable, by using a command-line option, or by defaulting to the value d:\sybase.

  2. Looks in the sql.inifile for an entry whose name matches the name of the server. If it cannot find a matching entry, the connection fails.

  3. Looks in the libtcl.cfg file for an entry that matches the Net-Library driver name associated with the server entry in the sql.inifile. If the application cannot find such an entry, the connection fails.

  4. Loads the specified Net-Library driver.

  5. Uses the network connection information provided by the sql.inifile to connect to the server.

Figure 4-1 summarizes the client connection process.

Figure 4-1: Connecting to Adaptive Server