Procedure page I/O

This view represents page I/Os that occurred while running stored procedures during the most recent sample interval. For each stored procedure that generated page I/Os during the sample interval, it shows the stored procedure name and ID, together with the name and ID of the database that contains the procedure. If page I/Os were produced when no stored procedure was active, those I/Os are associated with procedure ID and database ID values of zero.

This view also shows, on a per stored procedure level, the total page I/Os, the percentage of page I/O requests that could be satisfied by the Adaptive Server data caches, and the number of logical page reads, physical page reads, and page writes generated while executing the stored procedures during the most recent sample interval.

hs_create_view procedure_page_cache_io,
"Procedure Database Name", "Value for Sample","Procedure Database ID", "Value for Sample","Procedure Name", "Value for Sample","Procedure ID", "Value for Sample","Page I/O", "Value for Sample","Page Hit Percent", "Value for Sample","Logical Page Reads", "Value for Sample","Physical Page Reads", "Value for Sample","Page Writes", "Value for Sample"