Page I/O

This view enables you to determine which tables experienced the highest number of page reads over the duration of the recording session. It also allows you to track activity against tables at different times of day because page reads are also accumulated on a per-sample basis. You can set the sample interval for the recording session to whatever granularity is most useful for establishing activity trends at different times of day.

You may want to accumulate only total page reads for the entire recording session. In that case, you can set the sample interval to nearly the length of the recording session, and drop “Logical Page Reads”, “Value for Sample” from the view.

hs_create_view page_ios,
"Database ID", "Value for Sample",
"Database Name", "Value for Sample",
"Object ID", "Rate for Sample",
"Logical Page Reads", "Value for Sample",
"Logical Page Reads", "Rate for Session"

NoteThe count of the page I/Os collected by this view for a given database table includes I/Os against indexes on the table, in addition to those performed against the data pages of the table itself.