Data cache activity for individual caches

This view is available only for SQL Server version 11.0.x and Adaptive Server version 11.5 and later. It contains information about the performance of individual data caches.

For each named cache configured in the Adaptive Server, and also for the default data cache, this view collects the cache’s name and the percentage of page reads for objects bound to the cache that were satisfied from the cache since the start of the recording session.

This view also presents a measure of the efficiency of the cache’s space utilization, and the percentage of times when an attempt to acquire the cache’s spinlock was forced to wait, since the start of the session. The actual number of cache hits and misses for the session are also collected.

hs_create_view data_cache_sum,
"Cache Name", "Value for Sample",
"Cache Hit Pct", "Value for Session",
"Cache Efficiency", "Value for Session",
"Cache Spinlock Contention", "Value for Session",
"Cache Hits", "Value for Session",
"Cache Misses", "Value for Session"