Playback with user-defined intervals

This option plays back data summarized into sample intervals of the specified length. The parameter value is the sample interval, specified as:

 	“D H:M:S


All components are numeric and can be one or two digits. Some examples are:

"30" (specifies sample intervals of 30 seconds)
"10:0" (specifies sample intervals of 10 minutes) "8:30:0" (specifies sample intervals of 8 1/2 hours)
"5 0:0:0" (specifies sample intervals of 5 days) 

The first sample interval starts at start_time, and every sample, except possibly the last one, has the specified length. If the requested playback start or end times fall in the middle of a sample interval in the original recording session, Historical Server prorates the recorded data values for the playback sample.The last sample might be shorter, if necessary, to end at the end_time specified.

Choose this option to summarize data into any desired granularity. This type of summary can mediate deviations in activity and is useful for observing trends over time.

The playback view can use statistic types different from those in the recorded data, and it can include some estimated and calculated data items not in the original view. See Table C-2 for a definitive list of data items that can be converted or added to a playback view.

For each sample interval, Historical Server prorates counted values and performs weighted averages on percentages and rates to align the data with the requested playback sample interval. The weights are the number of seconds that each input sample contributes.