Using “Timestamp”, “Timestamp Datim”, and “Elapsed Time”

The following data items can always be included in a playback view, even if they were not in the input view:

“Timestamp” “Value for Sample” “Timestamp Datim” “Value for Sample” “Elapsed Time” “Value for Sample” “Elapsed Time” “Value for Session”

You can create a playback view consisting only of one or more of these time-related data items. To do this, you need a valid view name from the input session, which means that there must be some view in the input session(s) that you do not intend to play back.

When summarization_level is raw, “Timestamp” and “Timestamp Datim” values are the same as those in the original data file, which is the time as reported by Adaptive Server when the recording was originally made. When summarization_level is actual, entire, or a user-defined interval, “Timestamp” and “Timestamp Datim” values reflect the time zone on the Historical Server system where the summarization was made.