Command status and errors

All Historical Server commands return a status value of either zero or one.

Historical Server is an Open Server application that uses Client-Library™ to communicate with one or more pairs of Adaptive Server and Monitor Server. Any of these components may detect and report error conditions.

Historical Server also detects and reports error conditions, which it logs or reports or both to clients. Historical Server error codes are all five-digit numbers from 30000 through 30999. Open Server error codes are in the range between 16000 and 20000. For error codes in either of these ranges, the Historical Server assigns one of the following severity levels:

Table 4-2: Severity levels in command errors




Informational message


Warning message


Fatal server error


Fatal process error


Operating system error

Errors detected by Client-Library, Adaptive Server, and Monitor Server use their own error numbering and severity-level schemes.