Task 5: create a .bat file (optional)

This task is optional. It lets you start Historical Server by executing a batch file, rather than by using the services icons.

To prepare for Historical Server start-up from a batch file:

  1. Start any text editor and open a new text file.

  2. Enter the Historical Server start-up command, histsrvr, and all desired parameters. Use the full path name of the start-up command histsrvr.exe. See “Inferring start-up parameters from the NT Registry” for precedence rules used by Historical Server to obtain start-up parameters. See “Setting Historical Server start-up parameters” for explanations of start-up parameters.

    An example line in the .bat file follows. The example has carriage returns inserted in the command. Do not put carriage returns in your .bat file. The entire file should be one line.

    c:\sybase\bin\histsrvr.exe -Shs_server1 
  3. Save the file with a .bat extension. The name RUN_ hsName.bat is recommended. For example: