Relationship of input views to playback views

Use the hs_create_playback_session command to create a playback session. Then use one or more hs_create_playback_view commands to add views to the playback session. A playback session must contain at least one view. It can contain more than one view.

In the hs_create_playback_session command, you specify the input session IDs that you want to include in the playback. The input views are the views that were defined for the input recording sessions. A playback view defines which data items in the corresponding input view you want to play back.

Playback views are derived from the input views. The name of a playback view must match the name of a view in the input session(s). In the case of multiple input sessions, the view must exist in all of the input sessions, and the view definitions in all of the input sessions must contain exactly the same list of data items and the same list of filters.