Stopping Monitor Server on Windows NT

The only users who can stop Monitor Server are the “sa” user and the Monitor Server superuser. The superuser is the one whose account was specified in the -U and -P parameters to the Monitor Server start-up command.

In its default configuration, Monitor Server detects when Adaptive Server is not running and stops itself automatically. For more information about this feature, see “Heartbeat interval”.

To stop Monitor Server manually on Windows NT, you can use the stop button on the Windows NT Control Panel Services window. This method stops Monitor Server immediately. It does not wait for outstanding commands from other client connections to complete.

Another way to shut down Monitor Server is with an isql command. To use this method, connect to Monitor Server using isql:

isql -Uusername -Ppassword -SmonitorServerName 


When the isql prompt appears, issue:

1> sms_shutdown 
2> go 

This command tells Monitor Server to complete all currently executing commands, release all held resources, and then terminate.

The no_wait option (sms_shutdown no_wait) allows shutdown to occur immediately, even when an outstanding command from another client connection exists against Monitor Server.