Heartbeat interval

Monitor Server periodically checks whether Adaptive Server is running or not by examining appropriate counter values. When Monitor Server detects that the Adaptive Server it is monitoring is down, Monitor Server shuts itself down. This is called the heartbeat mechanism.

To bypass the heartbeat mechanism, use the -T1 parameter when you invoke Monitor Server. In that case, Monitor Server continues to run, even if the Adaptive Server being monitored is down.

WARNING! Bypassing the heartbeat mechanism is not recommended. Allowing Monitor Server to run after Adaptive Server shuts down ties up the shared memory segment from the previous Adaptive Server instance and might prevent Adaptive Server from allocating enough resources to restart. Other memory problems might also occur.

When the heartbeat mechanism is active, the heartbeat_interval controls the frequency that Monitor Server checks on Adaptive Server. The default value is 120 seconds. You can change the default with the heartbeat_interval parameter. The configuration file entry for this parameter is:

heartbeat_interval value 

where value is specified in seconds. The minimum value is one second. The maximum value 2678400 seconds (31 days). The default is 120 seconds.