Maximum number of event summaries per connection

By default, a maximum of 15 summary requests can be enabled concurrently on a single client connection. You can reset this maximum by specifying the max_summaries parameter.

The configuration file entry for this parameter is:

max_summaries value

where value is the maximum number of event summaries that may be active on a client connection. The maximum value is 1024. The minimum value is one.

You must shut down Monitor Server and restart it for this change to take effect.

Various Monitor Viewer monitors in Sybase Central and Historical Server views cause event summaries to be created in Monitor Server. The more windows or views that are active on a given client connection, the more summaries are likely to be created. The following messages received by a client indicates that the maximum summaries were reached:

Unable to retrieve data
Unable to obtain initial information
Maximum number of concurrent summaries already enabled

Table 2-2 shows which client requests cause event summaries. This information might help you to estimate a reasonable value for max_summaries for your site. The right column indicates which windows or data items have the potential to create summaries, but it does not indicate an actual number of summaries. For example, Some Monitor Viewer monitors might consume multiple summaries. Depending on how data items are combined in views, some data items in Historical Server or Monitor Client Library might share summaries.

Table 2-2: Client requests resulting in event summaries

Client type

Requests resulting in event summaries

Monitor Viewer monitors

  • Cache Monitor

  • Process Activity Monitor

  • Object Page I/O Monitor

  • Stored Procedure Activity Monitor

  • Process Current SQL Statement Monitor

Historical Server data items

  • all “current statement” data items

  • CPU Percent

  • CPU Time

  • Lock Count

  • Locks Granted After Wait

  • Locks Granted Immediately

  • Locks Not Granted

  • Logical Page Reads

  • Page Hit Percent

  • Page I/O

  • Page Writes

  • Physical Page Reads

  • Procedure Elapsed Time

  • Procedure Execution Count

Monitor Client Library data items

  • all “current statement” data items