Changing start-up information in the NT Registry

To change start-up parameters in the NT Registry:

  1. Start the NT Registry Editor (regedt32.exe).

  2. Select:

  3. Save or print the existing settings before proceeding. From the registry menu, select the Save Subtree As command or the Print command.

  4. In the tree view, highlight the following entry (double-click on top-level entries to expand them):


    where srvrName is the name of the server whose start-up parameters you want to change.

    On the right side of the window, review the list of existing start-up parameters. They appear in the following format:

    	Argx, dataType, parameter 


    An example containing the Monitor Server -M start-up parameter is:

  5. To add a new start-up parameter:

  6. To modify existing parameters:

  7. From the registry menu, choose Exit.

Configuration of the new Monitor Server is now complete. Go to Chapter 3, “Starting, Verifying, and Stopping Monitor Server”, for instructions on starting the server, verifying that it is running correctly, and connecting to it using clients.

Depending on conditions at your site, you might need to adjust the default runtime configuration of Monitor Server. See “Adjusting Monitor Server runtime configuration” for more information.