The stem operator searches for documents containing the specified word and its variations. For example, if you specify the word “cook,” the Full-Text Search engine produces documents that contain “cooked,” “cooking,” “cooks,” and so on. To relevance-rank the result set, include the many modifier in the query (see “Operator Modifiers”).

The following query uses the stem operator to find documents that contain variations of the word “create,” that is, words that contain the word “create” as a stem. Notice that even though the first document contains a word in which “create” is not a perfect stem (“creative”), the document is still selected:

select t1.score, t2.copy
from i_blurbs t1, blurbs t2
where and t1.score > 10
and t1.index_any = "<many><stem>create"
score     copy 
-----    ----------------------------------------------------
78    Anne Ringer ran away from the circus as a child.  A
    university creative writing professor and her family
    . . . 
78    If Chastity Locksley didn’t exist, this troubled world
    would have created her!  Not only did she master the mystic