The sample_text_main.sql Script

The installation of the Full-Text Search engine copies the sample_text_main.sql script to the $SYBASE/$SYBASE_FTS/sample/scripts directory. This script illustrates the following operations:

Execution of this script is not required for installation or configuration; Sybase supplies the script as a sample.

Before you run the sample_text_main.sql script:

Direct the script as input to your Adaptive Server. For example, to run the sample_text_main.sql script on an Adaptive Server named MYSVR:

isql -Ulogin -Ppassword -SMYSVR 
-i $SYBASE/$SYBASE_FTS/sample/scripts/sample_text_main.sql -omain.out

When you finish with this sample environment, log in to your Adaptive Server and drop the sample database. For example:

1> use master 
2> go 
1> drop database sample_colors_db 
2> go

The sample_text_main.sql script can be rerun.