Searching for Special Characters as Literals

The following non-alphanumeric characters perform special, internal functions, and by default are not treated as literals in a wildcard string:

To interpret special characters as literals, you must surround the whole wildcard string in backquotes (`). For example, to search for the wildcard string "a{b", you surround the string with backquotes, as follows:

<WILDCARD> `a{b`

To search for a wildcard string that includes the literal backquote character (`), you must use two backquotes together and surround the whole wildcard string in backquotes (`), as follows:

<WILDCARD> `*n``t`

Note that you can only search on backquotes if the style.lex file used to create the collections you are searching is set up to recognize the backquote character. Consult your collection administrator for information.